How A Luxury Resort  Got 298,700 pesos in direct booking revenue from a 32,295 pesos in ad spend

The Challenge
Client is only utilizing OTA's and running only branded campaigns meaning they are only bidding on their brand names so this means they are "not"generating any new demand for thier resort

When the client decided to switch and chose us, we audited their Google analytics data and found out that majority of the those who booked are from the Philippines (locals have the lowest average order value-they only booked the lowest priced room).

With a better grasp of market, we applied the following strategies:

Bid for unbranded keywords which enabled us to capture top new customers who did not know about Princesa Garden Island & Resort and Spa.

By using the Pareto principle, we identified the top foreign countries (Australia, USA, Taiwan) and focused the budget to these countries because they have a higher average order value.

Using income segment audience targeting, we targeted the top 10% of income segment.

We also included in our ad copy the prices of the rooms so, we discouraged those who cannot afford to stay in the resort.

Ă–verall revenue from Ads
298,700 pesos
ad spend
32,295 pesos
return ON AD SPEND (ROAS=revenue/ad  spend)